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The heartbeat of our community and the hands by which we serve God's purpose.

Each ministry is dedicated to reflecting the love of Christ in tangible ways while catering to the diverse needs of our congregation and the broader community. If you would like to volunteer your time to be in a ministry please fill out our volunteer form below. 

Deacon Family Ministry.png

Deacon Family Ministry

To serve the practical and spiritual needs of the church. Deacons are tasked with a range of responsibilities from visiting the sick and elderly to assisting in the administration of church services and events.

Usher Ministry

To ensure a welcoming, orderly, and safe environment during church services and events. Our ushers are the first point of contact for members and visitors alike, providing guidance, distributing materials, and assisting with seating and special needs to enhance the worship experience.

Usher Ministry (2).png
Mission Ministry.png

Mission Ministry

The Mission Ministry focuses on supporting the spiritual and physical needs of both our church members and the wider community. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, our primary goal is to evangelize the lost and to edify and equip the saved. We are dedicated to fostering an understanding of the importance of evangelism, discipleship, and Christian education, both locally and internationally.

Christian Education Ministry

To oversee all spiritual and educational activities within the church. This includes selecting and reviewing spiritual materials—pending approval from the Pastor—and guiding the choice of other materials and programs that align with the church’s doctrinal stance.

Christian Education Ministry.png

Hospitality Ministry

The work of the hospitality Ministry is to receive and greet members of and visitors to the church in a friendly and liberal manner. 

Sunday School Ministry

The Sunday Church School is to teach its members the Word of God, speaking the truth in love that they may grow up into Christ in all things, whtic is the head.  And to prepare the saints to effectively take the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and dying world.

Sunday School Ministry.png
Youth Ministry.png

Youth Ministry

To engage our young people with the gospel in a way that is relevant and life-changing, providing a foundation for spiritual growth and active service. 
To train and develop infants/ toddlers (ages 0-4), and Teenagers (13-17) in the Christian faith, aid and guide their well-being and help them discover God's will for their lives

Music Ministry

To enhance our worship services through music, offering a variety of styles to glorify God and inspire the congregation. This ministry includes choirs, instrumentalists, and other musical talents who serve during services and special events.

Music Ministry.png
Audio Visual Ministry.png

Audio/Visual, Media & Technology Ministry

To enhance our church’s ability to communicate effectively both internally and in our outreach efforts, utilizing the latest technologies

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