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Deacon Family Ministry


The Board of Deacons shall in every way, assist the Pastor in his work and with him in visiting the sick, needy, distressed;  and for the promotion of the fellowship of the church in support of worthy causes.  With the Pastor, this Board shall promote, direct, and administer the evangelistic endeavors of the church.



Ushers Ministry


The Ministry of Ushering serves as the doorkeeper of the church.  This ministry assists the Pastor in promoting worship by making the church family and visitors alike, comforable while participating in the worship service, giving spiritual dignity to the entire Church service.

Music Ministry


The Music Ministry shall endeavor to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ throught the medium of song in praise and worship to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  It will at all times create growth in the Body of Christ, to promote unity and service the general membership and the Church Community at large by presenting a Christ -like attitude at all times.

Christian Education Ministry


The Ministry of Christian Education has the responisbility of taking oversight in all spiritual and other educational activities of the church.  The includes reviewing and selection of spiritual materials, to be approved by the Pastor, used by the church, and to provide guidance in the selection of the other material and programs that conforms to the church's doctrinal position.

Mission Ministry


The purpose of the Mission Ministry is to assist the inner church body and the outer community with both spiritual and physical needs and create fellowship and enhance the overall spirtuality within the general Church body.  Enpowered by the Holy Spirit, it is our sole aim to evangelize the lost, edify and equip the saved.  We seek to build an awareness of the need for evangelism, discipleship and Christian education at home and abroad.

Youth Ministry


The purpose of the Children and Youth Ministry is to care for, train and develop infants/ toddlers (ages 0-4), and Teenagers (13-17) in the Christian faith, aid and guide their well being and to help them discover God's will for their lives

Sunday Church School


The Sunday Church School is to teach its members the Word of God, speaking the truth in love that they may grow up into Christ in all things, whtic is the head.  And to prepare the saints to effectively take the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and dying world.

Hospitality Ministry


The work of the hospitality Ministry is to receive and greet members of and visitors to the church in a friendly and liberal manner. 

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